Crochet jar-shaped basket or jewelry box – in English – (Video tutorial + PDF)

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A step-by-step video tutorial on crocheting an apple-shaped basket (or jewelry box). The video tutorial and written instructions are in English. This video tutorial is suitable for intermediate to advanced crocheters. The tutorial is available on the website DIYEduc.com

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A detailed video tutorial on crocheting the jar-shaped basket. The video tutorial and written instructions are in English. The video only has voice explanations and no subtitles. The full duration of the video content is 1h10.
This video lesson contains a standard work algorithm. And you, having understood this algorithm, will then be able to independently vary the sizes of your baskets, making them larger or smaller depending on your needs.
For the video tutorial, we used a 5mm polyester cord with a core. The main hook is 8 mm (US: L-11 / UK: 0), and the additional hook (in order to hide the ends of the thread) is 4.5 mm (US: 7 / UK: 7). Instead of a cord, you can use t-shirt yarn or ribbon yarn (for a complete list of material options that can be used for this project, see Documentation – File “Materials and Tools”).
If you want to crochet not a normal size basket, but a small décorative one, we advise you to use a 3-4 mm cord and a 5 mm hook (US: H-8 / UK: 6).


On the basket in the video lesson we used

  • 100 m for the basket
  • 40 m for the lid
  • 3 m of twine (lace, ribbon, yarn) to decorate the lid

If you use a thinner cord and smaller hook, you may need less material.

Materials and Tools
List of yarns that you can use for this basket/jewelry box, as well as the tools you will need for the project.

Written Instructions
The written description is an addition to the video tutorial. By crocheting the basket once according to the video tutorial, you can then easily use only the written description without resorting to re-watching the video each time.


Crochet Basics – Part 1

4 short explainer videos for beginners:

  • Make a slip knot and crochet a chain
  • First row, beginning and the end of the row, single crochet, turning chain
  • Slip stitch
  • Half double crochet

Crochet Basics – Part 2

4 short explainer videos for beginners:

  • Double crochet
  • Single crochet in a back loop and in a front loop
  • Single crochet increase
  • Single crochet decrease

Crochet Basics – Part 3

3 short explainer videos for beginners:

  • Fasten off and hide the ends of the yarn
  • The invisible fasten off when crocheting in the round
  • Center single crochet (also called “the jersey stitch”, “the knit stitch”, and “the waistcoat stitch”)


Perfect circle pattern

Row-by-row explanation of how to crochet a circle. This pattern will be used for the bottom of the basket.

  • Magic ring
  • Perfect circle pattern
  • An invisible completion of the row in a circle
  • An invisible fasten off

Finishing up the bottom of the basket

We complete the 5th row of the bottom of the basket and hide the ends of the yarn under the stitches.


  • Raising the walls of the basket
  • Transition row between the bottom and walls of the basket
  • Raising the walls of the basket
  • Narrowing the neck of the basket


Step-by-step explanation on how to crochet a lid and then decorate it.


This video tutorial is suitable for intermediate to advanced crocheters. But for beginners, we have added the basics of crochet to the content of the lesson (short explanatory videos on how to crochet basic stitches, make increases and decreases, crochet a perfect circle, etc.).
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