Bespoke rugs

Our rugs are durable and unique, suitable for any interior, be it a country house or a palace.

Every rug we create is a real piece of art. We never make identical copies. Rest assured that your rug will be one of a kind.

We have a range of rugs available for purchase, or you can use our bespoke service to design a rug according to your wishes.

Our rugs are luxurious, durable, and easy to care for.

Our rugs will brighten up any design project and we do our best to ensure that you get a rug that suits your needs. We will be content with nothing less than perfection.

Smooth or textured rug?

A smooth rug can be considered versatile as it fits into rooms of all sizes and styles.

Of course, it will hardly become the main focus of the design, rather it will serve as an element of creating coziness and warmth.

But a mat with a relief pattern will certainly attract attention.

The rug with a textured and colorful pattern will look good in the center of a spacious room.

In this case, the furniture should not stand on the rug or too close to it, otherwise, the pattern will not be well seen and perceived visually.

The advantage of a textured rug is that it can transform a room and make it luxurious, even in the simplest setting.

If you plan to put furniture on the rug, then a smooth or finely patterned rug will do.

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