Let's get acquainted

The founder of the AEC brand is a couple – Alex and Eve Couture.

Alex is the artistic director and inspirer of the project, and Eve brings ideas to life with her own hands.

Located in the heart of global fashion in Paris, our family business uses only environmentally friendly technologies in its production, creating its products from high-quality materials, made in the EU.

For customers residing in Paris and the Paris region, we offer the service of selecting an individual design of a unique rug, especially for your hotel, office, country house, or apartment.

In this case, we can come to you personally (this service is paid) with sample cords and a pair of mats available in stock as an example, helping you choose the color and shape of the rug that suits best your interior.

For customers living far away, we are always in touch and ready to provide any information about our rugs and other home decor items, to help determine the design and color scheme.

You can find the basic color palette here. It is also possible to create on-demand an unlimited number of two-color mixtures, as well as gradients from one color to another.

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